Commanding Your Cataract Workflow

A Schematic of the ZEISS Cataract Workflow with VERACITY Surgical

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“Cutting-edge surgeons seeking to integrate diagnostic reports, EMR data, and patient preferences into a single digital solution should turn to VERACITY Surgical. The smart software streamlines your office and OR to improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient outcomes. VERACITY Surgical assimilates data from multiple platforms—from keratometry to topography and EHR—to provide concise and surgeon-driven guidance for decision-making.”

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Kerry D. Solomon, MD

Users customize features within VERACITY Surgical to generate direction unique to each surgeon’s style and preferences. Request that VERACITY Surgical automatically calculate Barrett integrated K values (with no manual data entry). Direct the software to confirm astigmatism measurements to account for your tendency to err on one side or the other. Apply filters that eliminate particular IOL suggestions in patients with diabetic eye disease. With VERACITY Surgical, you’re in the driver’s seat.

VERACITY Surgical helps reduce the risk that transcription errors or inaccurate diagnostic data will interfere with surgery or outcomes, and cross references data from several platforms to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Did an incomplete chart fail to indicate RPE changes in a cataract patient? Is a particular IOL no longer suited for a patient after diagnostic data found an aberration? Has the patient changed their mind about lens selection and you want to double check that a new IOL is appropriate? VERACITY Surgical’s got you covered.

The ZEISS Cataract Workflow with VERACITY Surgical upgrades a decentralized, analog office and OR to a modern cataract workflow. VERACITY Surgical upgrades a decentralized, analog office and OR to a modern, sleek surgical suite. VERACITY Surgical is the glue that makes everything else in the office and operating room communicate with each other. It integrates all EHR systems with the office and operating room diagnostics to assist surgeons and their staff with their surgical planning. VERACITY Surgical helps patients achieve the visual outcomes they desire for the lifestyle they want to lead. It is not a software system that makes decisions for you. Rather, it confirms your decision based on your preferences, freeing you to focus on the patient and their surgery.

Want to ensure you hit the target refraction every time? Optimize your outcomes, customize your surgeon factors for each IOL you use. Gone are the days of lots of manual entry in spreadsheets for optimization. With VERACITY Surgical, postoperative reported outcomes and IOL surgeon factor optimization is as easy as a click of a button. The key is EHR integration. VERACITY Surgical can pull the preoperative and postoperative manifest refractions AUTOMATICALLY—with click of a button, for each surgeon, for each IOL make and model used. VERACITY Surgical even suggests a new surgeon factor(s) to automatically improve each surgeons' outcomes. Hitting the target refraction leads to a happy, satisfied patient. Happy patients are the best way to build your practice.

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Creating a strong backbone for your cataract workflow

Kerry D. Solomon, MD

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Rethinking the surgical planning workflow

Maria Scott, MD

Discover how VERACITY Surgical serves as a bridge between your diagnostics and your EHR to make surgical planning more efficient, more intuitive and more accurate below.

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1. initial set up

Implementation of VERACITY Surgical is a straightforward turnkey software integration within the practice's network that can be done remotely.

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2. Preoperative Measurements and Imaging

VERACITY Surgical consolidates clinical images and data obtained during a preoperative evaluation into a comprehensive and concise patient workup.

Assimilate data from EHR platforms, biometers, topographers, OCTs, and fundus cameras. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the ZEISS Cataract Workflow, VERACITY Surgical is also compatible with equipment manufactured by other medical device companies.


The IOLMaster 700 (Carl Zeiss Meditec) provides VERACITY Surgical with biometry measurements and three imaging reports: an OCT scan to screen for pathology and anatomical anomalies, a reference image for intraoperative guidance with CALLISTO eye (Carl Zeiss Meditec), and a SWEPT-source OCT analysis of the posterior cornea for Total Keratometry (TK) corneal astigmatism measurement.


OCT and OCT angiography reports are delivered to VERACITY Surgical via the CIRRUS OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec), allowing surgeons to assess pathologies that may limit visual outcomes or affect surgical strategies.


The IOLMaster 700 (Carl Zeiss Meditec) provides VERACITY Surgical with biometry measurements and three imaging reports: an OCT scan to screen for pathology and anatomical anomalies, a reference image for intraoperative guidance with CALLISTO eye (Carl Zeiss Meditec), and a SWEPT-source OCT analysis of the posterior cornea for Total Keratometry (TK) corneal astigmatism measurement.


OCT and OCT angiography reports are delivered to VERACITY Surgical via the CIRRUS OCT (Carl Zeiss Meditec), allowing surgeons to assess pathologies that may limit visual outcomes or affect surgical strategies.

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VERACITY Surgical incorporates topography maps and keratometry data like:

And more...

3. Patient Evaluation

VERACITY Surgical incorporates data from a number of leading EHR platforms and gathers patient preferences.

Electronic Healthcare Record integration

Data entered into compatible EHR platforms during the preoperative evaluation seamlessly flow into VERACITY Surgical which eliminates manual data entry and transcription errors.

Built-in Patient Questionnaire

VERACITY Surgical captures information on patient lifestyle and vision preferences and then factors answers from the questionnaire into its surgical planning algorithm, thereby fine-tuning the final patient workup.

4. Comprehensive Treatment Planning

VERACITY Surgical seamlessly integrates clinical data, surgeon parameters, and patient preferences into the surgical plan.

  • No more printouts. No more manual entry into online calculators or EHRs. No more accidental overlooked contraindications or risk factors.
  • Skims key preoperative data from different systems
  • Validates data to identify outliers
  • Applies surgeon parameters
  • Accounts for patient preferences and pathology
  • Performs calculations in a myriad of built-in formulas to generate a suggested surgical treatment plan personalized to the patient. That includes lens type, lens power, cylinder, and/or arcuate incisions.

Customizable Surgical Plans

The Zeiss Cataract Workflow goes beyond just linking devices. By integrating with external EHR systems, it establishes a matrix to make components more accessible and communicate more efficiently.

VERACITY Surgical can generate customizable surgical plans and modify them in seconds.

Surgeons set parameters based on their thinking process so VERACITY Surgical often reaches the same endpoint. Automate as much or as little of the workflow as you want.

Set alert triggers or automatically change plan recommendations based on:

  • Presence or severity of retinal and corneal pathology
  • History of medication use with intraoperative implications, like tamsulosin
  • Diagnostic data that indicates evidence of previous refractive surgery that was not documented in patient-reported records

Customize your plan by:

  • Pathology thresholds
  • IOL calculation formula
  • Appropriate IOL options
  • Target range
  • Astigmatic correction based on automatic vector analysis using the Barrett integrated K

Automatic Data Validation

Data scrubbers identify and indicate variances in the data and bad information, such as measurements that should be repeated or if anatomic data does not align with the EHR.

Patient Safety Alerts

VERACITY Surgical may be configured to automatically alert surgeons if a patient has medical concerns, surgical history, and medications/allergies relevant to surgical success.

“For me, it allows me to make better use of my staff so that I can see more patients, and we can do more cataract evaluations and whatnot on a given day because we don't so dedicate quite so much time to a cataract planning. The other nice thing is that in my particular flow, by the time I see the patient the entire plan is done.”

– Dr. Solomon

“If I'm using an extended range of vision or extended depth of focus lens, I have VERACITY Surgical configured to offset the non-dominant eye by minus 0.5 and it knows which is the non-dominant eyes because of the electronic medical record.”

– Dr. Solomon

5. Surgical Plan Communication

As a web-based tool, VERACITY Surgical is accessible anywhere by anyone who needs it.

Share plans with stakeholders

Recognizing the different needs for members of the surgical team in scheduling, ordering, communication, and operational oversight, role-based interfaces are tailored to:

  • Technicians
  • Practice administrators
  • Surgical coordinators
  • Surgical educators
  • ASC staff

Data Accessibility & Security

Access VERACITY Surgical on desktop or tablet.

Surgical plans and patient data are stored securely in a HIPAA-compliant cloud server for peace-of-mind in the event of a ransomware attack on practice management software.

6. in the operating room

The ZEISS Cataract Workflow featuring VERACITY Surgical offers a clear plan for the surgical team and powers intraoperative guidance overlays with biometric data obtained preoperatively.

Intraoperative Guidance

In the operating room, biometric data obtained preoperatively by the IOLMaster 700 is directly transmitted to CALLISTO eye (Carl Zeiss Meditec) to generate an intraoperative guidance overlay.

Guidance overlays are visible though the eyepiece or on the heads-up displays with both the OPMI LUMERA 700 (Carl Zeiss Meditec) or ARTEVO 800 (Carl Zeiss Meditec) microscopes.

The intraoperative overlay tracks eye movement and rotation to guide positioning of limbal relaxing incisions, alignment of the IOL on the visual axis, and capsulorhexis size and shape without the need to mark the eye. The result? A reduction in procedure time and transcription errors.

7. Postoperative Task Management

VERACITY Surgical provides operative notes and powerful postoperative outcome analysis.

Prewritten operative notes

VERACITY Surgical automatically generates operative notes and letters to referring doctors with custom text and smart paragraphs. The need for postsurgical typing and dictation is eliminated.

  • • Two-way communication of information automatically updates the EHR with operative notes.

Automated Postoperative Outcome Analysis

VERACITY Surgical is the only planning software that offers optimized A-constants for every IOL for every prominent formula.

Optimize your IOL constants for a particular lens with individual surgeons or the VERACITY Surgical userbase.

Take time to configure VERACITY Surgical to your specifications and preferences—and remember that ZEISS provides support and training to you and your staff to help get you started. Cataract surgeons who embrace VERACITY Surgical will find that their office and OR processes are streamlined which allows surgeons and their staffs to focus on their patients, ultimately optimizing the patient experience. Reduce the time spent on each cataract consultation and improve your surgical efficiency by using VERACITY Surgical. The time you buy back can be used to see more patients or handle other administrative duties in your practice.  

We became cataract surgeons to help patients see. With the ZEISS Cataract Workflow and VERACITY Surgical, you get one step closer to helping every patient achieve their visual goals—while also launching your office and OR into the digitized, enhanced space it was always meant to be. It’s really a form of artificial intelligence.

Kerry D. Solomon, MD

Dr. Solomon is Director, Carolina Eye Physicians and Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Storm Eye Institute, Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr. Solomon is a consultant for Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

Enhancing Every Aspect of Cataract Practice with VERACITY


VERACITY Surgical serves as a central hub in my ZEISS Cataract Workflow, curating data from various angles to provide a centralized platform that always has my back.

1. Preoperative Period—Gone are the days when my staff was tasked with using various online IOL calculators to help me determine which IOLs were best for a patient. Because VERACITY Surgical connects to the platforms such as the IOLMaster 700 and runs the numbers for me, I already know which lenses are a best fit for my patient by the time I begin my surgical consult. With less screen time and more face time, the patient receives a more personal consult—and the most appropriate IOL.

2. Surgical Preparation—When preparing for surgery, I reference the VERACITY Surgical monitor I have set up in my OR. VERACITY Surgical double checks any relevant reference points, ensuring the correct EHR file and preoperative workup data are displayed. With my mind at ease, I can concentrate on surgery and feel confident that I am working with the correct patient data.

3. Postoperative Evaluations—Tracking patient outcomes with VERACITY Surgical occurs with the push of a button. Further, VERACITY Surgical allows our practice to compare outcomes with national statistics, giving us insight into any changes that may be needed.

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VERACITY Surgical's user-friendly interface extends beyond the OR. By using the VERACITY Surgical app on my iPad, I am free to confirm details for surgery anywhere in (or outside of) my practice. And whenever I have a question about a feature in VERACITY Surgical, I use the chat function in VERACITY Surgical for rapid support.

Embracing VERACITY Surgical in my OR has improved efficiency, allowed me to spend more face time with patients, and given my practice a central tool that reduces the likelihood of errors. With VERACITY Surgical, the analog days of cataract surgery are in the rear-view mirror.

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Maria Scott, MD

Dr. Scott is a consultant for Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.

What surgeons are saying

“Because the program has several integrated formulas, such as Barrett and Holladay, it gives you the confidence to know that your IOL, toric, and arcuate incision calculations all done seamlessly and accurately in that program. You don't need to second guess your calculations.”

–Joseph Parisi, MD

“VERACITY Surgical was easy to implement in my practice, and now I can treat more patients, in less time. Plus, I've been able to increase conversion rates for premium IOLs.”

–Yuri McKee, MD

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