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Up Front | Jun 2003

ASCRS 2003

• Effect of Genteal Gel Versus Theratears on the Outcome of Myopic and Hyperopic LASIK in Normal Patients by Marguerite B. McDonald, MD
• Prospective Comparison of Scotopic Pupil Size Measurement by Andrew W. Tharp, MD
• In Vitro Human Corneal Model to Study the Cellular Dynamics of Stromal-Epithelial Healing After ExcimerLaser Corneal Injury by Madhavan Soundararajan, MD
• Glare Assessment Before and After Vision Correction by Steven B. Siepser, MD
• LADARVision4000 Versus VISX STAR S3 After the Addition of IntraLase by Michael Gordon, MD
• Relifting the Flap for LASIK Retreatment by Avi A. Wallerstein, MD
• Antibacterial Activity of Moxifloxacin and Other Ophthalmic Fluoroquinolones Against Atypical (Nontuberculous) Mycobacteria by Eduardo Alfonso, MD
• Teaching Modern LASIK Techniques in Residency Programs: Where Are We Now? By Eveyln Baker, MD
• Stability of Refractive Surgery by Kurt A. Buzard, MD
• Evaluating Nidek EC-5000 Ablation Profiles by Paolo Vinciguerra, MD
• Impact of Room Humidity Level on Refractive Procedures with the LADARVision4000 by Denis Martin Gousset, MD
• Corneal Elasticity After LASIK by Raúl Suárez, MD
• Use of a Capsular Hemi-Ring for Profound Zonular Dialysis by Ike K. Ahmed, MD
• Analysis of Posterior Corneal Surface After LASEK by María José Cosentino, MD
• M-LASEK: Minimize Alcohol, Maximize Survival by Samir A. Melki, MD, PhD
• Excimer Laser Photorefractive Keratectomy by Barbara Ameline, MD
• Higher-Order Aberrations and Symptoms With Pseudophakia by R. Gale Martin, MD
• Evaluation of the Total Higher-Order Aberration RMS in Unoperated Eyes Measured at Different Scan Diameters by Barrie D. Soloway, MD
• Correction of Myopic Refractive Errors Using the Hartmann-Shack Aberrometer by Erik L. Mertens, MD
• Long-Term Higher-Order Aberration Data from the VISX Multicenter Wavefront-Guided LASIK Ablation Trials by Terrence P. O'Brien, MD
• Excimer Ablation of Conjunctival and Scleral Tissue by Lawrence Hopp, MD
• Wavefront-Guided Treatment of Poor Night Vision After Previous LASIK by Julian D. Stevens, FRCS
• Internal Optical Aberrations in the Population and Changes With Aging by Marc Booth, MD
• Change in the Anterior and Posterior Corneal Surface After LASIK and LASEK by Choun-Ki Joo, MD
• Conductive Keratoplasty After Penetrating Keratoplasty by Francis W. Price Jr, MD
• Use of Anterior Segment OCT and Pachymetry to Compare Flap Thickness Measurements Using the Hansatome Microkeratome by Joseph Thomas, MD
• Accuracy of Flap Thickness With the IntraLase Femtosecond Laser by Jeremy B. Meltzer, MD
• Laser Imaging System for Accurate Pachymetry and Measurement of LASIK Flap Thickness by Francesco Carones, MD
• Retinal Duplex Doppler Scanning During Ring Suction in LASIK by Steffen H. Schicke, MD
• VISX Custom CAP Treatment of Previously Decentered LASIK and PRK Procedures by Edward Manche, MD
• Correcting Postoperative Ametropia with the AcrySof MA60MA Meniscus IOL by Richard B. Packard, MD
• Sizing Phakic IOLs by Carlo F. Lovisolo, MD
• Use of a Capsular Hemi-Ring for Profound Zonular Dialysis by Ike K. Ahmed, MD
• Modifying the Hoffer-Q Formula for IOL Power Calculations After Refractive Surgery by H. John Shammas, MD
• Interim Results of the US FDA Clinical Trials of the Verisyse Myopia Lens by Elizabeth Davis, MD
• Prospective Randomized Comparative Study of the Visual Outcome of the Acrisil and the Array SA40N IOLs by Johannes F. Rentsch, MD
• PowerVision Power-Adjustable Lens by Stephen G. Turner, MD
• Efficacy and Safety of Minus-Power IOL Implantation in Highly Myopic Eyes Having Cataract Surgery by Michael A. Kapamajian, MD
• Contrast Sensitivity After Implantation of Toric Iris-Claw Phakic IOLs by H. Burkhard Dick, MD
• Laser Interferometric Measurement of IOL Movement with Accommodating IOLs by Oliver Findl, MD
• Postoperative IOL Shift of the Single-Piece Versus the Multipiece AcrySof Lens by Oliver Findl, MD
• Posterior Capsule Opacification With a Single-Piece, Foldable, Posterior Chamber IOL With an Enhanced Square-Edged Design by Luis G. Vargas, MD
• First Clinical Results with the Bag-in-the-Lens IOL by Marie-Jose Tassignon, MD, PhD
• Relative Pupillary Block After STAAR Implantable Contact Lens Placement by Sandra J. Sofinski, MD
• Comparative Assessment of Contrast in Spherical and Aspherical IOLs and of Edge-Reflected Glare Images by Alessandro Franchini, MD
• Influence of PCO on Near Visual Acuity in Patients With a Multifocal IOL by Bertalan Entz, MD
• Wavefront Aberrations in Eyes With Tecnis and Conventional IOLs by Roberto Bellucci, MD
• Light Adjustable Intraocular Lens (LAL) Update by Nick Mamalis, MD
• Anterior Chamber and Ciliary Sulcus Diameter of Human Eyes Measured With Very-High-Frequency Ultrasonography in Different Meridians by Liliana Werner, MD, PhD
• Clinical Performance of an Accommodating IOL in Relation to Patient Age by Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
• ClariFlex IOL with Unfolder Silver-Z Insertion System in High-Risk Eyes by Thomas W. Samuelson, MD
• Prospective Evaluation of Aspheric, Silicone, and Acrylic IOLs on Visual Performance by Robert M. Kershner, MD
• IOL Exchange Assisted by Preoperative Nd:YAG Laser Haptic Fracture by Frederico F. Marques, MD
• Symmetric Dioptric Power Space and Analysis of Refractive Outcomes Following Toric IOL Implantation by Graeme E. MacKenzie, BOptom

• Contrast Sensitivity in Healthy Subjects 20 to 69 Years Old by Mark Packer, MD
• Protective Coatings for Microsurgical Instruments in Ophthalmology by Armin Junghardt, MD
• VisThesia Viscoanesthesia Small-Incision Cataract Surgery by Per Julius Nielsen, MD
• Traumatic Cataract by Ehud I. Assia, MD
• Retained IOL Fragment and Corneal Decompensation After Pseudophakic Lens Exchange by Richard S. Hoffman, MD
• Vision and Corneal Edema on Postoperative Day 1 After Using DuoVisc or Healon for Routine Cataract Surgery by Craig F. McCabe, MD, PhD
• Thermal Energy and Turbulence With WhiteStar and Conventional Phacoemulsification by Roger F. Steinert, MD
• Endonuclear Wedge Dissection by Joseph F. Gravlee Jr, MD
• Irrigation and Anterior Chamber Surge Evaluation With Six Irrigating Choppers by Armando Crema, MD
• Flow-Adaptive Tubing for Phacoemulsification by Graham D. Barrett, MD
• Analysis of Side-View Video Camera Photography: In Situ Fracture Versus Phaco Chop Phacoemulsification by James A. Davison, MD
• Difficulties and Complications of Capsular Tension Rings with Fixation Eyelets by Isabel M. Prieto, MD
• Learning Curve Using the AMO Sovereign Machine With WhiteStar Technology for Phacoemulsification by Gerd U. Auffarth, MD
• Power Bump Power Modulation by Joseph F. Gravlee Jr, MD
• Method of Cataract Liquefaction Through AquaLase Technology by Ramon C. Dimalanta, PhD
• High Composite Myopic Astigmatism: What's the Best Option? By Marta V. Macedo, MD
• Irregular Astigmatism: LASIK Versus LASEK by Gustavo Tamayo, MD
• Preliminary Results of the Treatment of Presbyopic Eyes With Multifocal Ablations Using the STAR S3 Excimer Laser System by W. Bruce Jackson, MD
• Retail Pricing in Refractive Surgery by Shareef Mahdavi

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