Marketing Your Practice Across Multiple Generations

With all eyes on the millennials, your social media strategy has to be sharp.

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  • Postsurgical Insights

    for Managing Ocular Inflammation and Pain With Lotemax Gel Following Ocular Surgery

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  • ABiC 12-Month Case Series Review

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Marketing Your Practice Across Multiple Generations

COVER FOCUS: Care Across the Generations

Firmly established in our community for close to 50 years, my colleagues’ and my practice has an excellent reputation and a loyal following that began when the baby …

Lifestyle and Longevity


We surgeons are trained to evaluate risk. It is how we approach decisions about treatment, equipment purchases, hiring staff, and expanding our practices. I would argue, h…


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Femtosecond Laser Could Help in Challenging Cataract Cases

Cataract patients with shallow anterior chambers who were treated with femtosecond laser-assisted ca…

Eating Foods High in Vitamin C Cuts Risk of Cataract Progression by a Third

A new study shows that a diet rich in vitamin C helps slow the progression of cataracts. The researc…

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